Assemblea Circoscrizione Kenya

Final Message

9-17 agosto 2018

We began the assembly with a great excitement, expectation, gratitude, a sense of wonder, “How comes…” and profoundly conscious of the journey ahead of us, as we move towards a delegation and reflecting deeply on the relevance of our calling and life in Kenya.

It was a great moment of praising God and thanksgiving after the official declaration of our coordination becoming a Delegation and the appointment of Delegation council.

The symbol of the assembly on visitation accompanied us in reflection and confirming the favor of God in our reality as it happened with Blessed Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth.

We were daily sustained and inspired by the daily liturgy and reflections on the visitation, enriched by our sharing and the deep provocation from Mother Maria Fardin. We got in touch with ourselves as individuals and as a family as we worked together discussing the reality of our time and our presence. We nurtured the reason for our foundation and committed ourselves to be a vibrant religious community of strong women, rooted in Christ, living in fraternal communion and witnessing joyfully to the merciful love of the Father, trusting in the divine providence and sensitive to the signs of time.

We concluded the assembly deeply conscious and grateful to God for the experience lived and the growing communion in our religious family.

May Mother Elizabeth Vendramini accompany our new leaders assuring them our support and prayers toward the growth of our Delegation.

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